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Distribute Your Books Wide

Distribution, Sales & Royalty Reports

GET 90% ROYALTIES WHEN YOU DISTRIBUTE YOUR BOOKS WIDE. If you don't need any of our editorial or marketing services and you already have your finished books ready to sell, you can upload them here to hundreds of outlets. See your book sales in real-time reporting and keep track of how your books are performing at the many retail stores we distribute to for you. Apply here for distribution access.

Amazon Kindle

Most authors who are published have their own Kindle account and sell books at Amazon. Here's why we think you should use our Amazon facility instead if you're selling your books 'WIDE'.

New Book? SELECT Your Plan...

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*Audio Book Creation - price based on multiple criteria upon application. See Audio Section.

*Interactive Videos & Animated Covers can be purchased separately - See Marketing Section.

*OP Plan 4 Cover Art may be purchased from our pre-made cover store or ordered bespoke via the self-pub form.

Services & Pre-Made Cover Art


See more details and images of the services we'll be providing and the quality you can expect from us.

Pre-made Cover Art

If you're a self-published author and want amazing cover art, but don't have the budget to spend big bucks, we can help! We've got hundreds of pre-made covers for you to pick from.

Create Your Audio Books

Making the most out of Audio

Take a look at our Audio Share Program and get your books made into audio and selling to a global audience.

Audio Creation

So, you've got your book ready for eBook and print distribution, but you'd REALLY like it made into an audio book too? No problem, we've got you covered.

Marketing & Promotion

Marketing & Promotion

We’re big believers in the power of author marketing, but if you’re still a little shy when it comes to talking up a storm online, here are a few hints and tips to bring you out of your shell.

Interactive Videos & Animated Covers

There's nothing quite like interactive moving images to grab a reader's attention. Check out our videos, trailers and covers and order one for your book today!


Author FAQs

We know you're bound to have some questions, so we've put a list of frequently asked questions and answers together here.

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