Enabling authors with tools, services and best practices to drive positive publishing results.

    Here’s how it Works

    • Step 1Step 1Join the author community


      Whether you're a new or seasoned author, join our community to share experiences, solve problems, build relationships and collaborate with like-minded authors.

      Next, If you're an experienced, established author, jump to Step 4!

    • Step 2Step 2Unpublished authors

      If you're new to publishing, you'll want expert eyes to assess you story and make sure it's ready for editing. We offer a pre-editing submission assessment service where an experienced editor will provide feedback on the necessary changes you might need to make to get your book ready for editing.

    • Step 3Step 3New author training course

      If we think your manuscript still needs more work before it can be edited, you can take our new author training course to get your book ready to submit.
    • Step 4Step 4Pick your plan

      If your book is written and you're either ready to publish it, distribute it, or work with us on edits you're ready to select your plan.

    • Step 5Step 5Follow the process

      We'll set up a project for you in your author portal and support you every step of the way to get your book to market. From editing, to cover art and marketing images, then distribution and royalties.
    • Step 6Step 6Take a training course

      Our training courses are designed to assist you in getting the most out of marketing and promotions, advertising and book sales. Everything you will need to run a successful book campaign and build a successful author business.
    • Step 7Step 7Audiobooks

      So, your book is selling around the world in eBook and paperback formats. Why stop there? Take it to the next level and let's get your book narrated into audiobook.
    • Step 8Step 8Translations

      The world is a big place! So, why stop at just one language for your books? Let's get your book more visible around the globe with our translation program.
    • Step 9Step 9Author Bookstore & App

      What's the next step in author self-publishing? Your own bookstore and app! Yes, of course you need your books selling wide through all retailers. But why shouldn't you also sell direct to your readers and enjoy sales from iOS and Android? Set up your own FREE bookstore and app with us and watch your sales increase.
    • Step 10Step 10Reader Community & Subscriptions

      And the icing on the cake? You can have your own reader community so that you can interact in a secure and private setting, and offer a subscription service to your readers. All readers love exclusive content. With your own subscription model you can do this and much more!


    Join a community of culture changers

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    Join a community of culture changers

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