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So many authors are lost, overwhelmed and can't figure out why they aren't attracting readers and making sales. They're taking action, but not seeing results. Can you relate?

There is an art to marketing, how you show up and what you share, how you position yourself, your books and your brand, the strategies for success, the secret to scaling and how to bring in consistent sales.

This is the program where we take you through each and every step, creating the business transformation you desire.

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To support you with:

➣ Making the kind of money you've always wanted to make.

➣ Feeling clear, confident and on top of your author business every day.

➣ Being part of a group of like-minded authors all taking a leap and supporting each other every step of the way.

➣ Knowing the action to take with simple go-to strategies that get you results.

➣ Seeing your reader community grow.

➣ Enjoying the sales rolling in daily.

➣ Finally making the impact and income you've always dreamed of.


The academy is for authors who:

➣ Want to see results.

➣ Want to see strategy and action broken down into simple but powerful steps.

➣ Want more speed and ease, and want to work smarter not harder.

➣ Are ready to dream big and know the time is right to do this.

➣ World building and how to plan your book series.

➣ How to write your first fiction novel.

➣ The importance of editing and what sort of editing to choose.

➣ Why it's necessary to get a beta reader and where to find one.

➣ What an editor is looking for when they work on your book.

➣ The self-publishing basics - let's get you started!

➣ Ten steps to self-publishing success.

➣ What to expect from editing.

➣ Creating back-matter for your books.

➣ Formatting and book creation.

➣ Your book’s presentation.

➣ The importance of a great book description and how to write one.

➣ Pricing strategy.

➣ Making the most of word of mouth.

➣ Building an author platform/your brand.

➣ The necessity of email.

➣ Know your niche.

➣ Final book preparation.

➣ Book cover design.

➣ Publishing wide.

➣ Amazon KDP.

➣ Finding your ideal reader.

➣ Your book’s categories and keywords.

➣ Marketing your book.

➣ 90 day book launch.

➣ Your reader journey.

➣ The three keys to success.

➣ The secrets of publishing success.

➣ Your marketing focus.

➣ Advanced marketing.

➣ Series marketing plan.

➣ Effective price promotions.

➣ Author collaboration.

➣ Making audiobooks.

➣ Book translations.

➣ Booktok.

➣ Bookstagram.

➣ Booktube.

➣ Bookbub and other discount sites.

➣ Facebook ads.

➣ Amazon ads.

➣ Tiktok ads.

➣ Using data to become a six figure author.

➣ Be a newsletter ninja.

➣ How to maximise your royalties.

➣ Viral campaigns.

➣ Superfans and street teams.

➣ Reader subscription services.

➣ Author webstores and apps.

➣ Choosing a website builder.

➣ An introduction to analytics.

➣ Google tag manager and website tagging.

➣ Basic web SEO tips.

➣ Setting up your email marketing.

➣ Setting up a Facebook page.

➣ What social channels an author should use.

➣ Creating images using online tools.

➣ 3 ways to reduce time on social media.

➣ 6 things to post about on social media.

➣ Should you outsource your social media.

➣ The importance of email lists.

➣ Why you should consider Facebook ads.

➣ Setting up your Facebook ad account.

➣ 5 things that might affect ad performance.

➣ How to define campaign success.

➣ How to create a media kit.

➣ Newsletters.

➣ Advertising.

➣ Blog your way to success.

➣ Blog tours.

➣ Street Teams.

➣ Social media.

➣ Twitter.

➣ Facebook.

➣ Instagram.

➣ Goodreads.

➣ Goodreads author program.

➣ Sell more books.

➣ Making the most out of Amazon.

New Author

Author Express

£99One payment
  • Plan your world and series
  • How to write your first fiction novel
  • The importance of editing
  • Beta readers
    Currently Audible, Spotify and libraries do not accept AI audiobooks.
  • What an editor is looking for

Author Essentials

£199One Payment
  • Self-publishing basics
  • Ten steps to self-publishing success
  • What to expect from editing
  • Creating back-matter
  • Book creation
  • Your book's presentation
  • Writing a book description
  • Pricing strategy
  • Making the most of word of mouth
  • Building your author platform and brand
  • The necessity of email

Author Engage

£249One Payment
  • Know your niche
  • Final book preparation
  • Book cover design
  • Publishing wide
  • Amazon KDP
  • Find your ideal reader
  • Your book's categories and keywords
  • Marketing your book
  • 90 day book launch
  • Your reader journey

Author Empower

£299One Payment
  • Thee keys to success
  • The secrets of publishing success
  • Your marketing focus
  • Advanced marketing
  • Series marketing plan
  • Effective price promotions
  • Author Collaboration
  • Book translations
  • Making audiobooks
  • Booktok
  • Bookstagram
  • Booktube
  • Bookbub and other discount sites

Author Expert

£349One Payment
  • Facebook ads
  • Amazon ads
  • Tiktok ads
  • Using data to become a six figure author
  • Be a newsletter ninja
  • How to maximize your royalties
  • Viral campaigns
  • Superfans and street teams
  • Reader subscription services
  • Author webstores and apps


£956One Payment (20% off) or 5 payments (10% off)
  • ALL of the content from all five courses
  • Choose either one payment with 20% discount
  • OR five monthly payments with 10% discount


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