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1What is Fictionwide?

Fictionwide is a comprehensive self-publishing platform for authors, offering a range of services from editing to distribution.

2How do I get started with Fictionwide?
Simply sign up on our platform, choose the services you need, and begin your publishing journey with us!
3Are you a vanity press?

We pride ourselves on our reputable publishing division and have no interest in operating a vanity press.

Fictionwide is designed as a comprehensive self-publishing platform for authors. Our aim is to provide a centralized hub where authors can seamlessly access a range of services, from editing and formatting to cover design, marketing, and beyond. Whether you need an all-inclusive package or just specific services, Fictionwide is tailored to fit your needs, all while being cost-effective.

Rest assured, we respect your creative autonomy. We won't put our name on your books, and you maintain full rights to your work. If you choose to distribute with us and later decide to withdraw, you can do so with just 30 days notice. And if you've used our services without opting for distribution, you have the freedom to publish your book on any platform of your choice.

4How does Fictionwide differ from other self-publishing platforms?

Fictionwide operates as a one-stop-shop, allowing authors to pick and choose individual services tailored to their specific needs, from a complete publishing package to select services like editing, marketing or simply wide and KU distribution if you prefer.

5Are there any upfront costs associated with using Fictionwide?
Costs depend on the services you choose. Our platform is designed to be transparent and affordable, allowing you to select only the services you need.
6Do I retain the rights to my work when I publish with Fictionwide?
Absolutely. You maintain full rights to your work. We simply help facilitate the publishing process.
7Can I remove my book from distribution with Fictionwide?
Yes. If you decide to withdraw, you can do so with just 30 days notice.
8If I only use Fictionwide's editorial services and not distribution, where can I publish my book?
You're free to publish your book on any platform or retailer of your choice.
9Can I pay directly using my credit card?
Yes you can pay with your credit card at the PayPal payment screen. Just choose that option.
10Can I pay via PayPal?
Yes, we accept PayPal payments. Choose to login to your PayPal account when our site redirects you to the PayPal payment page.
11Do I have to fill any forms in?

Yes, but it’s painless! If you’re purchasing any of our services we’ll need you to complete a Book information form.

You should be able to complete it in five minutes as long as you have all of the information on your book to hand.

12Do you accept authors from other countries?
Absolutely. We work with authors from many different countries. Your stories must be written in English, and we would need to ensure that our payment methods are acceptable for you.
13I’ve already paid and requested my services; can I request any changes to my order after this time?

Yes. If you decide you want more services than you initially paid for, you can log back into your account and make an adjustment.

14Do you provide cover art, editing, or other author services?
Absolutely. We have experienced fiction editors, cover artists and marketing specialists to provide all of the services you might need to get your book as polished as it can be before you publish it.
15Will I have a dedicated editor?

You’ll have an experienced fiction editor. All of our editors have many years’ experience editing our published books and they’re some of the best in the business.

If we know that you intend to send us more than one book in a series we’ll do our best to ensure you get continuity for that series, with the same editor.

16What if I want more rounds of edits?

A standard practice your book will get up to three rounds of content edits and one round for a proofread or line edit. If we or you feel that more is needed, an additional charge would be made to cover additional time.

Please take into consideration that we are very experienced at what we do and you will get the best edits possible, however, we are not rewriting your book for you. So when you send us your manuscript it needs to be in a decent enough shape for us to work with. If you send something in that we feel needs more than our standard, we'll have a conversation with you so you can decide what you'd like to do.

17I need to make changes to my manuscript, is it too late?

It depends what stage we’re at in the process. If you’ve sent us completed files for distribution, you can log into your account and make title changes at any time.

If we’ve finished your edits and you’ve signed off on them, as long as we haven’t already made your versions, we can still make minor changes.

18If I purchase an editing service will my book be in American English?
We can do British or American English. You choose!
19Do you have multiple templates I can choose from when formatting my book?
We use a standard layout for all books. However, you can choose from multiple chapter headers and if there’s a specific image/design you want for your print file we can create it for you.
20What if I don't like my cover art?

You complete a book information form, so you can send as much or as little information there as you like to ensure that our experienced fiction cover artists know what you want them to achieve. Obviously the more detailed the information the better idea they'll get. We suggest that you add links to images if there's a very specific look you want, and make sure you tell us if you want people or items, likes and dislikes etc.

Once the cover art mock up is made, we'll sent it to you so that you can decide if you're happy to sign off on the project. At this point you can have one major change if the cover just isn't doing it for you or up to three minor changes if you just want tweaks.

21What are your cover art requirements?

eBooks - For best results, give us a JPEG at 1500x2400.

Print – We need a PDF, CMYK color. You must send us the full cover flat, including front, back and spine and the spine must be the correct size for the page count.

22Do you have multiple templates I can choose from when purchasing advertising and marketing artwork?
Yes. We’ll send you some examples before we start your project so you can choose what you want.
23What file types can Fictionwide convert?
The most popular format is a Word document. Upload your story in Word .doc or .docx format, and we'll convert it for you. RTF is also fine.
24What if I don't need conversion? Can I just upload a formatted epub?
Absolutely. You choose whether you want any services, or just distribution by choosing from one of the three plans. Upload the files and we'll distribute it to all of our retail stores for you.
25What file types does Fictionwide create?
Our conversion process creates high-quality epub for us to distribute to your choice of retail stores.
26Where can Fictionwide distribute my books?
Our current retail stores include: • Amazon • Apple • Audible • Baker & Taylor / Follett • Barnes & Noble • BiblioBoard • Bibliotheca • BlueBottleBiz • Bolinda • Bookish • Bookgrail • BookShare • BookShout • Bookwire • Bowker • Chegg • Christian Book Distributors • Copia • Dial-A-Book • Digital Access Media • eBooks.com • EBSCO • Edge books • Enki Califa • Epic • Findaway • First For Romance • Freading • Gardners • Google • Hoopla • Hummingbird Digital Media • iFlipd • Ingram CoreSource • ITSI • Izneo • JellyBooks • JSTOR • Kobo • Kortext • Libro.fm • Login Canada • Mackin • MBS • Microsoft • Odilo • OverDrive • Perlego • Perma-Bound • Playster • Prologue Numerique • ProQuest • Q • ReadHowYouWant • RedShelf • Scribd • Scoobe • Storytel • TecKnoQuest • Trajectory Explicit • Wheelers • WF Howes • 24 symbols
27Can I list my book for free?
Yes! Everywhere - including Amazon.
28Can I manage my books once they have been distributed?
Yes. You’ll get access to your sales and royalties via your author portal. From here you can manage all of the books we distribute for you.
29How do I change the price of a published book?
Simply by logging into your author account and navigating to the admin area. From here you can adjust pricing.
30Can I add or schedule a promotional price for my book?

Yes! You can schedule a promotional price for your book in your author portal.

Price changes should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. While some retail stores may make your price change in hours, some may take longer. Keep that in mind as you choose the starting date of your promotion.

31Can I set up a pre-order for my next book?
Yes! You can set up pre-orders to most stores, ninety days to a year in advance of your chosen release date. We recommend pre-orders as a way to capture readers' interest prior to the book's launch and build up a powerful boost to your sales rank on release day.
32Can I control the price in other currencies?
Yes! When you publish, you’ll enter your book’s list price in US dollars. By default, we convert the provided price into the various currencies using the currency conversion rate at the time of publishing.
33What is distribution going to cost me?
If you only want distribution, you’re opting for plan 1. Fictionwide makes a percentage of each of your books’ sales, so we don’t get paid unless you get paid. Our fee is 10% of sales.
34What are the services going to cost me?

You can pick from three different options.

Plan 1 – You will pay 10% distribution fee.

Plan 2 - You will only pay 30% of the total amount up front. We don't charge you the rest until your book is selling - so WE take the risk, not you. This plan has an open distribution agreement based on how quickly your book earns out.

Plan 3 - Services are priced individually.

Audiobook and Translations are separate agreements to the main three plans.

35How will Fictionwide pay me?
We pay all authors via PayPal.
36When will I get paid?
We pay all authors monthly, one month in arrears of payment from distributors. Our retail stores all have different policies on payments ranging between 60 – 90 days. Whilst we can't control that, as soon as payment is made to Fictionwide we’ll pay you in your next monthly payment.
37The upload function won’t let me upload my cover/manuscript/files, what do I do?
Contact Customer Support and we’ll assist you.
38What if I've already published my book somewhere else?

If you've already published your book through another distributor, you can still use Fictionwide to expand your reach.

We don't hold the rights, you do. And we don't require exclusivity for eBooks and Print, so you can have your book anywhere.

If you produce an audio book with us, we do require an exclusive agreement for production and distribution, details of which are available in your author portal.

39Does Fictionwide provide ISBNs?
Yes! We'll automatically assign an ISBN to any book published through Plan 2 free of charge.
40Can I provide my own ISBN if I already have one?
Absolutely - for plans 1 and 3! There's a field in the book information form where you can add it.
41Can I use the converted ePub anywhere else?
Plan 1 - you'll already have one to send to us for distribution. Plan 2 - No. We act as agent for all retail distribution. Plan 3 -Yes. Anywhere. Once we've created it for you, it's yours to do with as you like.
42How does publishing with Fictionwide impact my copyright?
It doesn't. You retain full control of your book’s copyright at all times. When you publish a project through our service, you give us permission to do any distribution necessary to release your book at retail stores around the globe, but we never gain control of the book's rights.
43How does Fictionwide protect my privacy and keep my information secure?
We know how important privacy and security is to our authors and we're strict on keeping it that way. You can see our privacy policy here.
44What is PPU and CPC?
Price Per Unit (PPU) is synonymous with Cost Per Checkout (CPC), a royalty structure that allows libraries to have access to the same title for more than one user. Rather than the full library cover price, libraries are granted access to a title and then pay per each loan of an eBook. This allows more readers to check the book out at a time, without forcing libraries to purchase multiple copies of the same book.
45Can I opt out of either CPC or OCOU for library distribution?
One Copy, One User (OCOU) and Cost per Copy (CPC) are both enabled by default for library distribution. The OCOU royalty option is always live and cannot be turned off except by removing your book from library distribution.

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