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Translate into multiple languages.

Our Translation Program has been designed to fast-pace Fictionwide authors' books from English into multiple languages.

The world is a big place! So, why stop at just one language for your books? We offer you the option of translating your books into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

When you become a Fictionwide author you will be given exclusive access to our Author Portal, where we'll work with you step by step through the translation process.

Here's How it Works

➣ We offer our authors and translators a revenue share program. This means that there are no huge up front costs for you to get your books translated.

➣ Sign up for the translation service. It's completely free and just a simple addendum to your Fictionwide plan.

➣ Select the languages you'd like your book translated into.

➣ When you've been paired with a translator, we'll set up a portal project for you to follow.

➣ We check the translation then create your eBook files for distribution.

➣ Your book is swiftly processed and sent to our channel partners for sale.

➣ Your author copies are added to your Author Portal which you can access at any time.


“Words travel worlds. Translators do the driving!" – Anna Rusconi

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