Progam Policy


Rights Holder acknowledges and agrees to adhere to Program Policies. Fictionwide may change the Program Policies at its discretion from time to time with notice to the Rights Holder. Our content policies play an important role in ensuring a positive experience for both our users and publishing partners. Please join us in this effort by respecting these guidelines. We may make exceptions to these policies based on artistic, educational, historical, documentary, or scientific considerations, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public.

Distribution Discretion:

Distribution Partners of Fictionwide have no obligation to make eBooks, Paperbacks, Audiobooks and Translations available on their services, and Fictionwide reserves the right to remove any eBook, Paperback, Audiobook or Translated book from its Services in its sole discretion.

Misleading and Disappointing Content:

Don't provide content that misleads customers and/or provides a poor user experience. Content that consistently receives user complaints may be reviewed. Material that we don't permit includes but isn't limited to the following examples:

• Books that could be easily mistaken for apps or other forms of digital content.

• Samples whose sole purpose is to advertise or drive purchase of other Books.

• Metadata that is confusingly similar to existing Books, including misleading titles, authors, descriptions or covers, or that may cause confusion as to the format of the Book.

• Books with quality issues in the content file(s) that render the content difficult to understand. Machine-read audio content that can clearly be identified as non-human.

Violent, Threatening or Disgusting Materials:

Incitement to violence or terrorism is not permitted. This includes materials that are intended to harass, or which threaten to cause serious physical injury or death to an individual or rally support to physically harm others. In addition, we will not allow extremely graphically violent or scatological materials.

Hate Speech:

Content that promotes hate, violence, or genocide towards any identifiable or protected group or individual is not permitted. Protected groups and individuals include those based on race or ethnicity, nationality (including citizenship), religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Sexually Explicit Material:

Permitted • Images of nudity with educational, artistic, historical, or documentary value.

• Sexually explicit topics.

Although these types of sexually explicit materials are permitted, we do require Rights Holders mark their content as being "For mature audiences" on the books in the metadata template, where applicable.

Not permitted • Images and/or audio descriptions of nudity with no educational, artistic, historical, or documentary value.

• Pornographic content.

• Sexually explicit terms in any Book metadata (i.e. titles, subtitles or descriptions).

• Sexually explicit text or audio excerpts in descriptions or previews.

• Sexually explicit text, images, or audio content depicting extreme sexual acts such as acts of pedophilia or sex with animals.

• Content that drives traffic to commercial pornographic video sites.

Please note that we may make exceptions based on artistic, educational, historical, documentary, or scientific considerations, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public.

Machine Learning

Rights Holder grants Fictionwide a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right and license to use eBooks, Audiobook and Translated files for machine learning training and models, provided that in no event shall any Rights Holder eBooks, Audiobooks and Translations or portion thereof be provided to any third party or end-user in contravention of this Digital Distribution Agreement (e.g. making Rights Holder content available for free to end-users without express written consent).